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andy ramsay and marcus bird free 4 part video series

TOP 3 Secrets to claim your space in the Global Wellness Revolution. Are you noticing other leaders stepping up in the wellness industry? Do you want to expand your reach? Are looking for more time freedom? The ability to work…

Jelly Bottling Your Wellness Wisdom

Have you ever wondered how to package up your wisdom and expertise? Andy explains below how to take all of your wisdom “fruit” that’s turned into jelly, package it up, put a label on it and sell it at market….

Funky Freebie

Have you ever wondered why chasing people pushes them away? Whether it's for business or in relationships people hate to be chased. Imagine if you could attract abundance without the need for chasing. In this video we show you how to share your magic to attract more abundance by implementing this simple funnel strategy called the Funky Freebie.

Toolbox Tragedy

Have you ever wondered why people sprint the other way when you start telling them your "what I do" statement? Too many of us make the mistake of selling our modality and NOT the benefits of what we do. Watch this quick video to see how to get better results by discovering your 12 second "Power Pitch" statement.

FREE 4 Part Video Course: FREE 4 Part Video Course: How to get Time, Location & Financial Freedom

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