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andy ramsay and marcus bird free 4 part video series
andy ramsay and marcus bird free 4 part video series

Wellness Marketing 1 – Share your Authentic Story

MAIN KEY OF THIS POST: A great way to build Trust in the New Paradigm of the Wellness Industry is by being exceptional and uniquely “You”.

The more “you” you can be, the better. The good news is there is only ONE of you on the entire planet, so there goes any notion of competition! You are who your audience wants to connect with, nobody else.

Health Marketing 3 – Position Yourself In Front Of Your Audience

MAIN KEY OF THIS POST: Learn how to set the stage to offer valuable advice to your audience (so that they listen!) and know the right way to position yourself as a Wellness Leader in front of your audience.

Health Marketing 1 – How To Become a Wellness Leader

MAIN KEY OF THIS POST: Learn how to leverage your Practice using effective Health Marketing so both you AND your clients can evolve.

As a Wellness Practitioner, you believe in standing out among other health businesses and professionals by providing unique and high-quality services to your clients. On the journey from Wellness Practitioner to Wellness Leader, there are three things you must learn to do

Health Marketing 2 – Choose The Right Niche

MAIN KEY of this post: To understand the concept of a Niche and how to use it to transform your Health Practice.

Having a good grasp of what a niche is and finding the right one is essential to your Wellness Business. Starting out with a clear niche definition will set you on the right track for potential online success. Unfortunately, a lot of internet marketers interpret the meaning of niche incorrectly, which is one of the reasons why practitioners hamper their chances of making any kind of real money online and thwart their future health business success.

Health Marketing 1 – Becoming A Wellness Educator


Becoming a health and wellness educator is one of the most critical moves you can make towards becoming a Wellness Leader.

Why? Well you may think your modality certifications are enough to develop trust and establish rapport with clients, but I’d like to share a secret with you that the majority of practitioners simply don’t understand:

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