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andy ramsay and marcus bird free 4 part video series
andy ramsay and marcus bird free 4 part video series

I received another email from a practitioner client this week and thought it would be great to share it with you.

“Hi Andy,
As I’ve been working on the patient scripts and wellness programs I realize that I will need to restructure my initial visits with patients.

Typically, I would give them an initial treatment plan during that first visit, action steps they can start on right away. Now because the focus will be more on choosing a wellness program, I’m wondering what your thoughts are … should I convert that to a free consultation? Still charge a fee, but market it as a special discount? increase the time I spend with them or just keep my fee as is???Any thoughts or advice you may have is greatly appreciated.”

I received an email from a practitioner client that I’ve attached below. She’s wanting to move from symptomatic treatment to offering more holistic solutions in the form of Wellness Programs.
This is a common step many practitioners need to take so I’ve outlined my response below so you can try this yourself.

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