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andy ramsay and marcus bird free 4 part video series
andy ramsay and marcus bird free 4 part video series

MAIN KEY OF THIS POST: If you want to be a Heart Based Leader, learn to be vulnerable and Self Loving…

It took me years to accept my vulnerability. As the youngest of 4 boys, I grew up thinking that who I am isn’t ok for others, and to be my sensitive and vulnerable self was to invite attack and ridicule. I ran from myself for 2 decades thinking that to be too open or sensitive was just plain insanity.

MAIN KEY of this post: Your Wellness Website Must ADD VALUE first

So many wellness websites I’ve come across just don’t have what it takes to be an effective website. Myself included, I’ve made every mistake in the book! So I’ve decided to outline the main mistakes therapists make in developing their site so you can avoid them and create a profitable wellness website that adds great value and earns fantastic income.

4 Golden Rules for Natural Therapy Advertising

MAIN KEY of this post: Advertise the Experience and the Results of your Modality NOT the Modality itself.

There are some simple tips that can revolutionize the way you communicate with your community. If you truly value your services and are ready to increase your clientele then make sure you read these words closely.

“People aren’t interested in your modality!”

If there was one main gem we’d like Practitioners to take away and embody in their practice it must be this: Self Love and Self Care are the highest priority when running a Holistic Therapy Practice. Why? Because we’re in…

I’m about to share a secret practice building tip that might just revolutionise your practice.

When my clients started implementing this strategy their practice started soaring.

It was a simple technique that could help bring in 2-5 new clients every month…

Not a bad result! So I thought I’d share it with you.

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